Business and Institutions

Activities on behalf of third parties and collaborations with private individuals

The Department, in addition to collaborating with institutions and organisations for the realization of its institutional goals, also carries out research activities on behalf of third parties who are interested in commissioning the Structure to investigate particular scientific areas. In this case, the research results will be owned by the client, who will pay the Department a fee for the work carried out.

Special training activities are also planned for students carried out in collaboration with companies, such as internship and stages.
It is also possible to contribute, through specific agreements, to the research activities of the Department, by financing its activity with donations to particular activities, research grants or scholarships.

For information and agreements contact:

Valeria Guidoni

For internship agreements contact:

Giulia Marchiò

Higher education for public and third sector bodies

The Department is strongly engaged in the organisation and management of Higher education courses aimed at public and third sector bodies, also offering service learning activities.

Consult the page of the advanced training courses to learn more.

Activities for specific professional orders

The SDE teaching body participate in the Examining Boards in the State Exams for the qualification to the professions and the enrollment in the Professional Orders of Chartered Accountants and Social Workers (Register A and B).

For information contact: