Research centres

Research centres are part of departmental organisation with the function to work on some topics.

SDE Department approved the constitution of seven research centers and a laboratory (Laboratorio Multimedia Lab)The department participates in two inter-departmental research centers.: Alma Climate e Alma Healthy Planet   


Centro Internazionale di Documentazione e Studi Sociologici sui Problemi del Lavoro.

Description - The activity of research center moves from the characteristics, trends and changes in labour organization, with particular attention to the interaction between economic-occupational and welfare subsystems.
C.I.Do.S.Pe.L.'s aims, in a constant interaction between theory and practice, are: collection of documents, promotion of research and studies, organization of seminars and conferences at local/national/international level, constitution of courses and training programmes, publications for disseminating research outputs and methods.

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Coordinator - Prof. Vando Borghi



Centro Studi sui Problemi della Città e del Territorio

Description -The activity of this research center is focused on the link between man and the environment in its national and international configurations. The most frequent research topics are: urban poverty, social exclusion, drug addiction, urban and rural change, environmental issues, health and quality of life.

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Coordinator - Prof. Maurizio Bergamaschi



Centro Interdisciplinare di Ricerca sulla Vittimologia e sulla Sicurezza

Description – The activity of this research center has always been interdisciplinary in the approach to deviance, security and victimization problems. As regards security and victims, the activity of C.I.R.Vi.S. consists also on the organization of seminars, conferences, courses, studies, and scientific publications. The journal "Rivista di criminologia, vittimologia e sicurezza" is connected to this research center.

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Coordinator - Prof.ssa Raffaella Sette


Centro Studi Avanzati sul Consumo e la Comunicazione

Description – The activity of this research center is aimed to produce knowledge on consumption and sustainable production, with attention to some forms as corporate social responsibility, political consumerism, green marketing, caused related marketing. All these topics are considered in order to implement and promote virtuous and replicable development models. Another aim of's activity is the consideration of social effects of media and new media, with particular attention to consumption and prosumerism.

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Coordinator - Prof.ssa Roberta Paltrinieri


Centro di Alti Studi per le Piccole e Medie Imprese

Description – The activity of this research center is mainly focused on regulatory systems of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at national and international level, in order to produce a multidisciplinary analysis and check the existence of a juridical framework homogeneous and efficient for this type of activities. SMEs represent (not only today) the real engine of national and European economy, more than big companies. Basically, the research activity is focused on international, European and national law about business support measures.

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Coordinator - Prof.ssa Maria Alessandra Stefanelli


Centro di Studi Avanzati sull'Umanizzazione delle Cure e sulla Salute Sociale

Description - The activity of this research center is focused on social projects and evaluation; social cooperation and voluntary sector; health and digital surveillance; social vulnerability, deviance, and social exclusion trends. Part of CeUmS' activity is connected to the journal “Salute e Società” (ranked in class A for the scientific sectors 14 C1/C2/C3/D1).

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Coordinator - Prof. Antonio Maturo


Centro di Ricerca Interdisciplinare sui Diritti Sociali

Description - The Interdisciplinary Research Center on Social Rights (IRCSR) - located in the Department of Sociology and Bussines Law of the University of Bologna - is a forum for discussion between scholars and experts from different scientific backgrounds (sociological, legal and economic) on the subject of social rights between the European framework and the national perimeter, with particular attention to specific areas of application such as well-being and equity, work, social security, generations, gender, territorial contexts and levels of governance.

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Coordinator  Prof. Alessandro Martelli

UNIBO – IIT Kanpur Digital Sociology International Research Group

Gruppo di ricerca internazionale


Responsabile scientifico/Coordinatore – Prof. Piergiorgio Degli Esposti