Research laboratories

Multimedia Lab

The Laboratory is available to department staff and assimilated figures, to PhDs and to students enrolled in the degree courses belonging to the department.


  • data processing center
  • social network analysis
  • audiovisual production and postproduction center
  • visual sociology
  • GIS processing center
  • SPSS, Stata and NVIVO processing center

Scientific Responsible: Piergiorgio Degli Esposti

The Laboratory supports scientific research, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Specific software helps the research design and analysis process.

Logistically, the laboratory is made up of three spaces, one of public access (37.98 square meters) in which there are computers, printers and scanners free for students, an intermediate space (18.60 square meters) in there are sophisticated equipment for Visual Sociology (with access by reservation) and an office section for the manager (s) (22.39 square meters).

At its maximum potential both in terms of space and number of people (14 workstations for a maximum capacity of 15 people) who can stay in the rooms according to the safety standards dictated by the relevant University offices.

In the laboratory you can use hardware and software tools for social and visual research, video editing and image editing as well as being the space dedicated to the creation of multimedia materials of the Department. SPSS and NVIVO courses are held for the Department's PhD students and Visual Sociology seminars. In addition, open source software for social research is tested such as: PSPP (alternative open to SPSS), NodeXL software for analyzing conversations in Social Networks Sites. The structure is equipped with a WiFi network available to members of the department and, upon request and subject to authentication procedure, also for visiting staff or conference attendees.

Criminology laboratory applied to security

At the Forlì headquarters there is a Laboratory of Criminology applied to safety (structure dedicated to teaching). Equipped with the most advanced equipment and technologies in the field of security and investigation, it hosts the seminars and laboratories provided for undergraduate criminological courses. It is also available to students (during opening hours or by appointment) for further information and exercises with the assistance of technical staff.