Departmental sections are composed by scholars who work on similar research topics.

These sections were already present in the structures from which the SDE Department has been done; they aggregate research groups with a strong experience in sociology and business law.
There are two scientific sections in the SDE Department at the moment: the sociological one and the juridical one.

Sociological Section

Its aims are the development of knowledge and research in theoretical, empirical and applicative sociological issues as social theory, methodology and tools of social research, social policies and public policies, health and social services, city and environment, social economy, civil society, education and training; family and family policies; work, enterprise, economy, markets; welfare; non-profit sector; communication, advertising and consumption; social prevention of deviant behaviour and security policies, criminology and victimology.

Juridical Section

All the juridical issues connected to economy and the market in an interdisciplinary perspective, with particular attention to public law of economy, commercial law, labour law, private law, financial markets law, cooperative societies, competition, tax law, and European Union law.

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