Department governing bodies

Roles, functions and areas of competence of the Department bodies.


Marco Castrignanò, Professor at the Department of Sociology and Business Law,  has been elected as Director by the Departmental Council. He addresses, gives initiative, controls and coordinates the teaching and scientific activity of the Department. He chairs and convenes the meetings of the Departmental Board and the Departmental Council, and he is member of law of the Schools to which the Department is affiliated. He also has other functions established by the departmental regulations.


Claudia Golino, Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Business Law, has been appointed as Deputy-Director by the Departmental Council on the proposal of the Director. She assists and replaces the Director in case of absence or impediment.

Departmental Council

The Departmental Council is the assembly organ of the Department: it defines the three-year plans of teaching and research activity and it assumes the spending decisions.

The powers of the Departmental Council are indicated in detail in the article 16, paragraph 2 of the University Statute and defined by the article 9 of the regulation of operation (Regolanento di Funzionamento).

The Council is composed by:

  • the Director, who chairs it;
  • the professors and assistant professors who are members of the SDE department;
  • the Administrative-Managerial Director, who takes the functions of secretary;
  • the elected representatives of technical-administrative staff (10% of the number of professors, associate professors and assistant professors);
  • the elected representatives of students for 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle (15% of the number of professors, associate professors and assistant professors);
  • two elected representatives of research fellows.

Departmental Board

The Departmental Board is aimed to assist the Director and it has functions delegated by the Departmental Council as the ones from article 9, paragraph 2 of the departmental regulations (Regolamento di funzionamento del Dipartimento). It is constituted on the base of the University Statute (article 17, paragraph 6) and the departmental regulations (article 13, paragraph 2). Last elections have been done in 2015.

The Departmental Board members are:

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